Restoring the Gift of Sight

Dr. Hugh Parsons, chief of surgery at Surrey Memorial Hospital, chafes at being called a miracle worker, but to 67-year-old Don Carter and others like him, BC’s pre-eminent eye surgeon is definitely a hero.“He’s fantastic. I can’t say enough good things about him,” says Don.Fishing is Don’s first love but he’s into beekeeping, as well, so when he banged his head at work in March 2001, he passed it off as an occupational hazard. Complications set in two days later.

Virtual Fly Boys

"Just taking 'er out to the runway," shouts Gibson's B.C. resident Mike Hendricks. "Yeah. Okay. Wind at ten knots," comes the reply from his flying buddy Sam Jay. It's hard to make out Sam's instructions over the radio chatter and the airplane noise. I'm sitting in the passenger seat of Mike's Cessna as he prepares for takeoff. Except it's not a real cockpit, but rather a home-built replica with $5.000 worth of computer gear and aircraft parts. The windscreen is a 46-inch LED television monitor that offers the pilot's point of view, as well as exterior elevations. The graphics are outstanding.