My Eureka Moment While Dressing and Undressing Mannequins

Barely 21 and fresh out of art school with a degree in painting (the Rembrandt van Rijn kind not the Benjamin Moore kind) I faced the daunting prospect of finding employment in my mid-sized, midwest, hometown. There wasn’t much call for a fine artist at the time (and yes I should have thought about that four years earlier) so I opted for convention. I would get a job in an arts related field that at least paid me a living wage.

Self-isolation has brought us closer to our kids and that isn’t necessarily a good thing

Don’t get me wrong. I love my kids, two self-confident twenty-something women who recently left the nest to build meaningful lives for themselves. Naturally, as parents, we’re concerned about their welfare, moreso in these trying times. My wife and I are television writers. We still have jobs. TV and movie production has stalled but the show must go on and Mom and Dad are writing content for the day shooting resumes and we’re back to normal. Our older daughter is also working, self-isolating in her apartment.