Chilliwack: The Long Run

"Lonesome Mary" kicks off the Chilliwack road show these days. The iconic BC band continues to thrill boomers and millennials alike with 20 to 25 engagements a year (primarily at fairs and festivals) belting out hits such as "Lonesome Mary," "I Believe" and "Crazy Talk." And, of course, their signature tune, "My Girl (Gone, Gone, Gone)" written by lead singer Bill Henderson and band member Brian "Too Loud" McLeod in the belly of McLeod's boat.

George Zukerman: Bassoon at the Ready

George Zukerman, internationally renowned bassoon soloist, recipient of the Order of Canada, the Order of BC and a National Arts Centre Award, among others, slides a disc into his CD player. I’m with George in the South Surrey home he shares with his partner, Erika, listening to a recording of Mozart, Bassoon Concerto K 191. Jörg Faerber is conducting the Württemberg Chamber Orchestra, George is the soloist. He’s entranced. His eyes are closed and he’s waving his arms in time with the music.

Colin Mochrie: We Do Goofy

Goofy is not a derogatory term in the Mochrie household. In fact, it’s revered. Colin and his wife, actor Deb McGrath, are true, blue, certified goofballs. They both honed their craft at Second City, perfected their union, (both professionally and personally when they married in 1989) and now hit the road about 20 times a year, as Colin and Deb’s One Couple Show unleashing their improv skills on unsuspecting yet appreciative audiences.