The West Coast in the Seventies

The Youngbloods, Steppenwolf, David Bowie and other boomer favourites were just the ticket to kick off the opening reception to The West Coast in the Seventies, a collection of prints and paintings from Vancouver artist and writer Michael Kluckner on view until June 16 at the Petley Jones Gallery. The opening coincided with the launch of Kluckner’s new illustrated novel, The Rooming House, an ode to hippy Vancouver as seen through the eyes of eight 20-somethings who meet at a midtown rooming house in the 1970's.

On the Prowl at Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island, a 96 mile sliver of land 70 miles south of Adelaide, Australia, is a bit of a misnomer. Sure, there are lots of kangaroos around but the island is a nature preserve, often called Australia’s Galapagos, with hundreds of other animals as well - echidnas, possums, penguins and koalas - sharing the area with 4,500 permanent islanders who farm or service the tourist trade. Connected to the mainland by air and ferry, the Island is a favorite vacation spot for Aussies and foreigners.

Fantastic Trains

Sure, it’s bizarre but would you believe the mind that concocted this weird-looking contraption created a real life narrow-gauge railroad? And it was popular too. The year was 1951 and although Britain and the Allies had “won” WWII six years earlier, much of London still lay in ruins. The UK was coping with food shortages - rationing was still in effect – and the country was desperately trying to rebuild its economy. People were anxious, uneasy and depressed. What a better time to have a party.

Delightfully Deceptive

As I enter the massive lobby of the HSBC Bank in downtown Vancouver, Alan Storey’s Pendulum sways in perpetual motion. To the left, Connie Sabo’s delightful mesh constructions hang suspended above the floor. The Pendulum Gallery is the venue for Sabo’s new installation, information + impression, on view until Feb. 4. The exhibition consists of three works and, at first, Sabo’s central piece, information + impression, flanked on either side by Caravan and Memes, seems lost in the cavernous space.