Hunting for Hoodoos in Canyon Country

Arizona bound; we landed at McCarran International Airport outside Las Vegas. After a spirited round of self-indulgence including shows, Siegfried and Roy’s zoo and a mock sea battle outside our hotel Treasure Island, we rented a car to continue our commune with nature. We were doing it for the kids, we told ourselves, but in truth Mom and Dad needed a rest from the sensory overload of Las Vegas, too. After all, what could be more calming than looking at rock formations and fissures in the ground. We started with the granddaddy of them all, Arizona's Grand Canyon.

Mackintosh's Glasgow

Glasgow is the birthplace of Charles Rennie Mackintosh, often cited as one of the world’s greatest architects. I’m an architectural buff who likes to travel, and last summer in Glasgow I combined the two passions while researching the works of 19th century Scottish architect and designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh. You may not recognize his buildings, but his chairs will be familiar: severe, high backed structures that created quite a stir in the 1900s. Personally, I’m not a fan of Mackintosh chairs but I appreciate their significance.

Tasmania's Poor Devils

"A Tasmanian Devil's jaw strength is about five times the strength of an American pit bull," she says. "Good for chomping through bone. If you get bitten by them you will definitely lose a finger or a toe. They get their name Devil because of their sound, not because of their demeanour", she continues."The Devil's howl is more of a high-pitched screech. When settlers arrived in Tasmania, they heard that screech in the middle of the night and thought that Tasmania was haunted by demons, banshees, and the devil."

Avoiding Trouble in Rome, Italy

Listen, I love Rome. I really do but now that we’re free to travel again, I have to fill you in on what to expect from the Eternal City. Masochists will love Rome. So will anybody else drawn to stress and anxiety. Don’t get me wrong, Rome has a lot of things going for it. Historical buildings, pizza, magnificent museums, pizza, stunning churches, pizza. Did I say pizza? Over nine million tourists a year visit the city and, for the most part, Rome is prepared.